I Did As I Was Told


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This bold new inspiring book is so full of twists and turns, it will certainly over whelm you with each chapter.

It is a compelling and touching novel, based on fact, taking you on a journey through the life of a very young girl as a working foster child in the 1950's and beyond, beginning with a postpartum mother, an abrasive alcoholic father and bewildered siblings, that are in her constant care as she struggles for normality.

Travel through the uncertainties of her early childhood dealing with moving from home to home, abandonment and on going medical issues. Her misfortune will take hold of your heart strings and you'll want to protect and comfort this intelligent determined little girl named Rose.

She grows into Margaret as she is controlled and then, read along as she matures into Marty, a cool sure footed confident teen with strong survival instincts and skills long forgotten in today's society. Her only companion is her own strength.

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