Wealth Building Journal


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A personal and rewarding journey for building wealth and security

Inspired by the Black Enterprise Declaration of Financial Empowerment and the highly praised wealth-building initiative that have sparked a renewed financial commitment among African Americans, Wealth Building Journal is a dynamic guide for taking your finances into your own hands and realizing your own version of the American dream. The editors of Black Enterprise magazine provide you with the steps and tools essential to making your aspirations come true, including strategies for becoming financially responsible, reducing debt, saving and investing, and leveraging your spending dollars. You'll not only design the life you and your family deserve, you'll see how your efforts can help build a healthier, more powerful, and more influential African-American community-one person at a time. The book offers you:
* Motivational quotes from famous African Americans, such as Reginald F. Lewis, John H. Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and Maxine Waters
* Daily affirmations/activities to help transform your thinking and embrace new resolutions
* Eye-opening and illuminating anecdotes and success stories
* The Declaration of Financial Empowerment, a self-empowerment tool for anyone committed to making changes to his/her lifestyle

Whether you are struggling financially or are very well off-and regardless of your degree of knowledge or experience-Wealth Building Journal is your coach and companion as well as your personal call to arms for developing a solid and rewarding lifelong approach to money. Start today.

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