Tarot of Awakening


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There are many mistaken ideas about spiritual awakening. One is that you must embrace eastern philosophies in order to achieve enlightenment. This book is intended for serious students who want to achieve awakening, or Initiation, on a western path. The western path, called the Western Mystery Tradition, has been walked by spiritual aspirants for millennia. This well-researched book focuses on two strands of the Western Mystery Tradition, Kabbalah and Tarot, to outline a modern perspective on these ancient traditions. In addition to dispelling false ideas, wishful thinking, and foolish stereotypes, it teaches us how to use individual Tarot cards as a means of staying in touch with what's really happening inside us as we change in response to the many challenges presented by the spiritual quest. This book provides solid, 21st century advice on how to deal with the personal, real-world issues that arise on the journey toward Initiation.

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