The New Science of Fitness


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The New Science of Fitness reveals the Truth of our Body – and a path to create beauty, amazing health and effortless movement that is completely opposite to everything we’ve been taught! All is energy...and it is our thought energy that governs our body energy. It is time for our world to shift from antiquated beliefs about ourselves, our bodies in particular - and begin to understand the Source and power of our thoughts as the creative energy of our bodies and our lives. Linda Carden had memorable opportunities to speak with both Jean Houston and Neale Donald Walsch in reference to the limitless nature of our bodies: Jean responded, “Please DO NOT attempt to walk on water!” and Neale responded, “Please DO NOT jump off the Empire State Building!” She was disgruntled with both responses. Neither the spiritual community nor the fitness industry is conveying what she believes to be a higher truth for our bodies- the oneness of mindbodyspirit. After more than twenty years, divine timing brings her truth to light.

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