Our Energy Future


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The White Paper sets out the Government's programme for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the amount of energy generated from renewable resources. There are four policy goals: to work towards cutting emissions of carbon dioxide by 60% by 2050; to maintain the reliability of energy supplies; to promote competitive energy markets in the UK and beyond; and to ensure that homes are adequately and affordably heated. There is an ambition to produce 20% of electricity from renewables by; 2020. This will involve spending £348m on renewable over the four years and reforming planning rules to unblock hurdles to renewable energy. A new carbon trading system will come into effect from around 2005 that will give energy suppliers and consumers incentives to switch to cleaner energy; and there will also be tougher standards for energy efficiency in new homes. The White paper is in four parts. The first is an overview of the current situation and the need for change; the second is about a low carbon economy, the environmental imperatives and ways it can be achieved. The third part deals with the reliability of supply, competitiveness and affordability, whilst the last part is entitled "Delivery through Partnership".

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