The Menedacus Legacy


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Lisa Davis, a strong willed Journalist is kidnapped while she is on assignment and taken to the shores of the ocean. Her kidnapper is trying to convince her she has gone back in time, a part of his plan to capture a major Cartel Lord that wants Lisa. A mystery of monumental proportions and love as Lisa attempts to free herself and survive while dealing with a strange acting man as she tries to get back to her normal life, family and her job. Lisa is determined to travel by foot, if she must and convince her abductor, Robert, they are going north to Virginia along the coast and not give any hints that she is afraid of him. As the mystery of the sands comes to an end, she finds herself in a relationship and also, she is not who she thought she was. Her family was not her real family and now she was part of The Menedacus Legacy. Come visit:

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