Financial Freedom on $5 a Day


Do you know that you can save money by getting the book Financial Freedom on $5 a Day by Chuck Chakrapani in pdf version instead of buying one? We have the pdf version of the book Orphans of Islam available for free. Just click on red download button below to download Financial Freedom on $5 a Day by Chuck Chakrapani for free.

Even if you know nothing about investing, this book will show you how to achieve financial freedom starting with very little money, explaining investment strategies that most people think are only for the rich. Not a get-rich-quick manual for the dreamer, this step-by-step guide provides a comprehensive plan for long-term rewards. An excellent starting point for the novice investor, it includes hints on:
-- Saving money painlessly
-- Getting the same high interest rates as large investors
-- Investment opportunities for the small investor
-- Dealing with stocks, including preferred stocks
-- International investing
-- Participating in the precious metals market
-- Keeping yourself informed about current developments
-- Realizing your dream of financial freedom

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