Be Dead on Time


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Daphne Sutter was not meant to meet Death for many years. At twenty-five she had the world in front of her: a college degree, a 401(k), a wedding to plan. All of it turns upside down after the passing of her fiancé Parker. And upon an ill-fated visit to his grave, she is brought face-to-face with Death itself. Only it is a face she knows well: that of her late husband-to-be. Fearing for her sanity, she reluctantly accepts her impossible circumstances in order to uncover Death's well-guarded plan.Unsure if she can trust her new companion, Daphne is drawn into a puzzle centuries in the making. All is not as it seems when Death claims to be tracking a mysterious foe who has learned to cheat him. And from the Bubonic Plague to Europe on the eve of WWI, she learns that the job of reaping souls is far more Human than she thought. As Halloween night draws near, and the two uneasy allies find themselves guests at a self-proclaimed 'party of the century', will their enigmatic host be unmasked, or will Death's time have finally come?

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