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"In my search for meaning, if something I happen to do makes me feel deep-down good, perhaps that is meaning enough." --Lawrence W. Fagg, Pauses

A collection of worldly insight, Pauses reaches out to readers, regardless of their age or stage in life, through the heartfelt words of author Lawrence W. Fagg. Lawrence has accumulated personal wisdom from meaningful relationships, treasured experiences, and spiritual growth during his over eight decades of life.

Lawrence's observations and reflections about living, time, and God began with a distillation of thoughts set down in a series of 15 personal journals over the second half of the author's life. His insights were gained through a 50-year career in nuclear physics, extensive world travel, and researching and writing a collection of books and papers on subjects such as time, science, and religion, and their relationships to one another. The results are as profound and moving as they are simple and accessible.

A sample of Lawrence's writings include:

* The road to purgatory is paved with questionable intentions.

* How frustrating it is to be out-argued by someone who you know is dead wrong but is more eloquent.

* Everyone must go through adolescence. It's just that when you are older it takes a little longer.

* I believe that the religions can ultimately help science to find its true place in the full mosaic of human culture.

Within the pages of this small book, Pauses shares large ideas about science, wisdom, and the fine art of living.

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