Close the Door We Live in a Barn


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Close the Door we live in a barn is the true story of a retired couple (Baby Boomers) that left their secure life in Florida, packed up all of their pets and just about everything that wasn't nailed down and then moved to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. The challenges set before them were selling their little farm in Florida, just before the market fell and then driving a large camper and a packed moving van 1000 miles. They lived like gypsies for a month, searched and finally purchased property, which consisted of 25 acres and a 100 year old Ozark barn. This incredeble couple, in retirement years, lived in a 33 foot long camper, while they themselves, built their home in the barn and turned it into a lodge type dwelling to spend their final years. Read of the trials, tribulations and a new retirement budget they endure, and when you're finished reading, you'll agree that these baby boomers have guts. It is the story of back breaking work, an emotional journey that almost ended their relationship and a home that is absolutely unique. They watch the world go by as they breathe the fresh air and sip the cold clean water. Wildlife visit them each day, on their hill, and their own herd of boar goats graze in the pasture keeping them constantly entertained with their antics. Life is laid back, but it wasn't always so tranquil. Yes, they surely have guts.

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