Ireland's Green Opportunity


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Ireland’s Green Opportunity: Driving Investment in a Low-Carbon Economy provides the first-ever overview of the green economy from an Irish perspective.

Identifies business opportunities in all the main sub-sectors that comprise the green economy.Looks at export opportunities and trends in the UK, US and other major markets.Is an information source for project promoters, investors and employees.Covers the key policies that are driving the low-carbon agenda. For example, the science, economics and politics of climate change are covered by way of background, as are issues such as sustainability and the EU’s low-carbon strategy.

Ireland will be responding to these ‘game changing’ issues over the coming period. Ireland’s Green Opportunity is therefore designed to help stimulate debate about our low-carbon strategy, while raising awareness about the business opportunities that will arise domestically and in export markets.

Peer reviewed by eight of Ireland’s leading experts in climate change and the green economy, this groundbreaking book will be of interest to students, businesspeople and policymakers.

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