EPUB 3 Best Practices


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The new EPUB 3 specification from the IDPF incorporates a wide range of technologies and functionality that are set to revolutionize electronic publishing. The format is poised to make the static two-dimensional page a thing of the past, introducing the world to new rich multimedia reading experiences and scripted interactivity. But a specification that offers so much can be a daunting thing to learn.

EPUB 3 Best Practices steps in to help fill the knowledge void. Authored by people involved in the development of the specification, and with extensive experience in electronic publishing, this guide will provide you with a solid foundation on which to begin developing your own EPUBs. Topics covered include:

* A comprehensive survey of accessible production features and best practices * A walkthrough of the new global language support features * An introduction to the new multimedia elements and how to use them to embed content * A guide to best practices for authoring of interactive elements and scripting * A review of publication and distribution metadata * Techniques for fixed and adaptive layouts

EPUB 3 Best Practices is a must-read for anyone looking to unleash the potential of the new format.

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