Cyprus and the Roadmap for Peace


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The UN-led Cyprus peace process is in desperate need of radical transformation. This book makes a notable contribution towards changing the current discourse by empowering the main parties to better value their relationship. By altering goals and perceptions, the authors explore alternative visions for the future of Cyprus, suggesting both realistically feasible and politically challenging ideas. Using an exciting, innovative and multifocal approach, the authors discuss the practical application of specific solutions and explore the radical disagreements of the conflict at both social and political levels. Reflecting on the idea of a 'post-settlement' state of affairs and the prospect of such a reality, chapters illustrate the problems, challenges and political dynamics of Cyprus. The book explores the conceptual approaches to dialogue; reviews Greek, Turkish and Cypriot policies; probes the challenging roles of the UN and EU; canvasses Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot perspectives on the conflict; and, finally, offers dialogical reflections and debates on past and future problems. Allowing open and expressive dialogue, this book will interest those in academic and practitioner roles focused on international politics, conflict resolution and peace studies. It allows for further understanding of the complex perspectives presented in Cyprus that have great relevance in other international settings.

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