The Menedacus Legacy


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Rom Oblondie didn’t have the last name of Menedacus, but his mother did and his Aunt that raised him in the jungles of South America. His life as a small boy was filled with cruelty. The injuries he received from his Uncle and cousin didn’t stop him from growing in his mind as he knew of a great treasure that was handed down to just Menedacus blood. After the deaths of his South American family he met others of a family he didn’t know existed and found his long lost brother. Together they start the search for The Menedacus Legacy and all of the turmoil’s that it created through the Centuries in Greece. Through this new family he meets Cleo, a computer geek with a system she calls Mod and she introduces him to the world through the use of her technology and he finds his abnormalities can and do get the medical attention to make him a normal man again. Not only does he find a new world outside of the jungle, Rom finds love in one of the most unexpected places as he travels to his ancestors ancient ruins to look for a legacy of treasure. He learns to understand the ancient caves, hiding places and the keys they must find to open the way into the Cave of Warriors. Here he learns of a civilization of centuries long ago in of this barren land of Patras.

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