Jewish Mysticism and the Spiritual Life


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"The goal is not necessarily to reach the top, to get to heaven, but to continually ascend and descend, exploring the view from each step on the ladder.... Our epiphany bursts forth when we realize that there in no single privileged position from which to observe truth; all rungs of there ladder must be honored, must be inhabited, must be invited patiently to tell their story."---From Part Six

In this unique volume, some of Judaism's most insightful contemporary thinkers bring the words of sages past to bear on the present.

Organized thematically, each section focuses on how mysticism engages and complements the dimensions of religious life, including studying Torah, performing mitzvot and observing halakhah.

"An orchard of spiritual pomegranates, tended by some of today's most gifted jewish scholars. A delight to read."---Jay Michaelson, author, Everything Is God: the Radical Path of Nondual Judaism and God in Your Body: Kabbalah, Mindfulness and Embodied Spiritual Practice

"Illuminates and probes deeply in multiple fields while speaking to engaged spiritual seekers and scholars, Studded with gems, often overflowing with learning and insights, All who want to grow spiritually, live more deeply, to both connect to tradition and renew it will find something to nurture their souls in this book."---Robbi Irving Greenberg, founding president, Jewish Life Network, founding president, CLAL: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership

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